Thrive With Autism

Have you ever wondered what was going on for autistic children and adults? Or wished you had a tour guide to explain some of the autistic behaviours you find so mystifying? Since 1993, Jackie's "special interest" has been following the science behind what makes autistic symptoms and functioning better (or worse).

Jackie McMillan

Jackie McMillan knows autism from the inside out. Born in a time of great pressure to institutionalize or hide 'damaged' children, Jackie didn't know until she was 23 years old that what she struggled with was autism. By then, over half of her life had been invested in trial and error to figure out what made her symptoms better or worse. At age 11, one month away from her normal environment had brought gradual but dramatic improvement to her almost-constant mental fog, emotional turmoil, and physical pain. Within two days of her return, those improvements were crushed, but this experience inflamed her curiosity and determination to understand why!

That addictive taste of how much better her life could be led Jackie around the next corner, and the next -- through two years of pre-meds, a degree in environmental studies, and many years working in the health field. It is still enticing her to hunt through medical and complementary health research, interspersed with science fiction, appropriate technology, green living, and other involvements that renew her hope for the future. Despite Jackie's ongoing challenges, better functioning continues to emerge. For over 20 years, her driving passion has been fighting ignorance around autism by sharing tools, knowledge and strategies to help herself and other autistics cope better in an out-of-balance and over-stimulating world. Jackie lives by the motto: If you know things have to change, you might as well enjoy it!

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Thrive with Autism Seminar Series

Two Locations:



Community Living Cambridge
160 Hespeler Road
Cambridge ON N1R 6V7


Six-week Seminar Series
Thursday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm
September 27th to November 1st, 2012



Autism Intervention Clinic of Guelph Inc.
1453 Gordon Street South
Guelph ON N1L 1C9


Six-week Seminar Series
Thursday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm
November 8th to December 13th, 2012


1. Making Good Choices, Making Conscious Changes

It's not easy to sort through all the information now available on different treatments for autistics. Learn how to work with your own lifestyle, how to include everyone -- including the autistic individual -- in the decision-making and evaluating, and how to choose the most effective treatments for an autistic's individual symptom picture.

2. Food, Behaviour and Well-Being

Even if you have found no overt improvements from dietary changes such as removing gluten and dairy products, food is your first and best medicine. It's also much less expensive to hyper-nourish children using foods than it is to buy the food-based supplements that will help the most.

3. Water, Behaviour and Well-Being

What you drink, how you bathe and where you swim all have very profound effects on your health. They have even more profound effects on the health of autistics. Learn how to best protect an autistic child or adult's health in less-than-ideal circumstances and where to access the best waters for all your needs.

4. Air Quality, Behaviour and Well-Being

Few people realize that the air quality advisories warning us away from outdoor smog leave out the critical information that outdoor air, even pollution-laden as it can be, is usually safer than indoor air. NASA and other research will help you furnish and maintain your home without the airbourne toxins that degrade mood and cognition, especially for autistics.

5. What Are You Putting On Your Skin?

Learn how to assess clothing, bedding and personal care products in terms of the symptoms and behaviours you wish to decrease or avoid altogether in an autistic's life and activities.

6. Detoxification

There has been tremendous controversy around children and chelation therapies, as well as other drug treatments. What isn't at issue is the much higher toxin load autistics are carrying because of impaired detoxification function. Learn about different detox methods, about the symptoms of insufficient detox and about how to incorporate simple, at-home detoxification into the support you provide.


Please refrain from wearing scented deodorants, hair products, skin lotions and makeup. Please also avoid wearing recently dry-cleaned clothes, heavy laundry scents or clothes that have been exposed to scent worn on other occasions. Jackie is very grateful for your consideration!


  • First parent/partner/colleague is $198.
  • Second parent/partner/colleague is $100.

Note: Please contact us to make other arrangements if you are in financial need.



Please register early as seating is limited.
Payment can be made with cash, cheque.

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Jackie McMillan is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat disease. The information made available by her is for informational purposes only and intended solely as a sharing of knowledge. For medical advice, consult your health care practitioner.

Free Introductory Talks

Jackie gives free talks in various locations to introduce her six-week Seminar Series. Topics that she will cover include the reasons behind autistic behaviours, why autism is on the increase and the three easiest changes that will help families the most.

NOTE: This talk is a prerequisite for attendance at the Seminar Series. If you are unable to attend one of the talks, please watch the online video here

Please read the "Scent-Free" request from Jackie.

Wednesday, October 10th
7 pm to 8:30 pm

Nature's Vibe
20 Ainslie Street North
Cambridge ON N1R 3J4

Please register as seating is limited.

Call the store at 519-622-0770 or email

Sunday, October 21st
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Autism Intervention Clinic of Guelph
1453 Gordon Street South
Guelph ON N1L 1C9


Monday, October 22nd
7 pm to 9 pm

22 Water Street South
Suite 13
Kitchener ON N2G 4K4



Learn to Cook & Bake for the
Gluten-free/Casein-free Diet! Jackie McMillan






The Autism Intervention Clinic Inc presents Easing in to GFCF Two part cooking series by The Better Kitchen "Better with every bite!"

Benefits of GFCF:

Improved digestion, eye contact, overall mood, focus, attention span, and sleep

You will learn:

Recipes, brand selection cooking/baking tips, alternative ingredients & more.

Cost is $70.00 per participant

Sessions will be held at:

The Autism Intervention Clinic Inc.
1453 Gordon Street South, Guelph, ON
(519) 827-7768

Dates & Times:

Wednesday May 23rd and Wednesday June 6th
7pm - 9pm


Please register early as seating is limited.
Payment can be made with cash, cheque.

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